Former Marketing Director and foreign rights manager for Beyond Words Publishing, Inc. a partner of Atria Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster.
Adjunct Professor of Book Marketing and Promotion teaching book marketing and promotion for students of the publishing course at Portland State University's Center for Excellence in Writing, Graduate Publishing Program.

Successful business owner of a bookstore and web agency, an experienced event manager, publicist, librarian, overseeing staff, budgets and campaigns. In January 2004 I formed the Sylvia Hayse Literary Agency, LLC, located in Bandon, Oregon, USA.

My network of publishers and co-agents spans the globe, and I am well connected to large and small publishing houses as well as to agencies throughout Europe and Asia. 

My Story

As a little girl I loved to read. I loved books and I read a lot and everywhere with the flashlight under the bedcover, under the table, at school under the desk, on the trains, cars, while waiting for dinner, at the bus stop, wherever and whenever there was an opportunity. Of course in those days we didnĀ“t have electronic gadgets and books were the medium that opened the world for us kids. They allowed us escape into a fantasy land, live through adventures, made the impossible real and taught us that we could change the world.

So my first career as a librarian at a State Library and University Library came as natural. I was surrounded by books, by people who cherished books, who lived with them and from them. After 8 years as a law librarian at one of the most prestigious attorney associations in Munich, which offered a glimpse into the world of arts and antiques as well, I decided it was time to have a baby and raise my son. Together we read hundreds of picture books, frequenting libraries around the city to find beautiful books to read together. When my son was 4 years old I founded my bookstore and ran it for 15 years.

With on the horizon I thought it was time to move on, and on I did to America with my husband. We moved to Portland Oregon where I started working for Beyond Words Publishing, and I still do today representing their books internationally. I specialize in the licensing of international translation rights to books and DVDs. In addition I provide scouting services for many other publishers, and help startup and smaller publishers as well as authors to learn about international licensing.